Laptop Hinges Repair and Services Bangalore

Laptop Hinges Repair and Services Bangalore

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Laptop Hinges Repair and Services Bangalore

Laptop Hinge Repair and Replacement

We can fix any issues with broken laptop screen hinges. Modern laptops use less metal and plastic which may cause issues when the laptop is dropped or heavily used. A broken laptop screen hinge is more common than you would believe.

Is your hinge broken? If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on +91 95000 66668/9003166661

Over the years, we have fixed laptop hinges on almost every major brand.

Laptop Hinge Repair

Is your hinge broken? Laptop no longer shut properly, gap between laptop covelaptop Hinges repairrs, hinge makes a squeaking or unusual noise when opening or shutting or laptop has become tough to open and shut. These are just a few signs that the laptop hinge is damaged. At Laptopstore, we specialize in laptop hinge repair and replacement. Our laptop repair team has a lot of experience with Laptop hinge repair and replacement.

From our experience, most people would ignore broken hinge if the laptop is working fine. Broken laptop hinge can affect or cause damage to the essential screen connections and circuits. Getting the hinge repaired sooner rather than later will prevent you from having to spend extra and deal with unnecessary hassle in the long term. Our laptop hinge repair and replacement service can extend the quality and life of your Laptop and can save you from buying a new machine.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner your laptop will be back up and running like new! Fast yet professional laptop repair is our area of expertise and the team at LaptopStore would be pleased to answer any of your questions and provide you with a quote or offer more information about the repair or replacement required.

Laptop Hinge Repair Laptop Repairs

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on +91 95000 66668

How to Replace a Laptop LCD Hinges?

Laptop hinges secure the laptop screen to the base of the laptop. If both hinges become loose, the screen will not stay open. That means you need to replace the hinges.

  • Please read the laptop manual or maintenance guide if you have before you disassemble the laptop. This file is a universal summary only. Some details may be not the same.
  • Prepare a correct replacement. The image on our website is for actual product. If you are not sure which one is correct, you can contact us.
  • Turn the laptop over so the bottom is facing up. Remove the screws that hold the laptop hinges cover on the back of the computer.
  • Remove all the screws (may not exist) that hold the keyboard in place, then gently pry keyboard bezel using a flat head screwdriver. Detach both hinge covers using your fingers. Lift the keyboard and unplug the keyboard cable from the motherboard to remove the keyboard. Unscrew the screws attached to the video cable by tugging on the yellow belt from the motherboard.
  • Unscrew the screws (may not exist) on the monitor bezel. Detach the rubber screw seals using a flat-head screwdriver. Unscrew the screws attached under the seals. Remove the screws attached to the monitor of the Model# LCD hinges.
  • Remove the old Hinges, by sliding them out. Insert the new hinges in their correct place. Now, r everse the above procedure to assemble the laptop.

Why laptop store ?? Our Laptop Hinge Repair service include:

  • Laptop hinge repair laptop hinge replacement
  • Laptop hinge brackets repair
  • Laptop hinge joint repair
  • Laptop hinge bolts repair
  • Laptop hinge jig replacement
  • Laptop hinges fix
  • Repair broken hinges on laptop
  • Repairs broken laptop hinge
  • Laptop hinge cover replacement
  • Laptop lid repairs
  • Broken laptop hinge repairer
  • Laptop broken lids fixing
  • Laptop hinge repairing
  • Laptop computer hinges replace

Laptop Hinges Repair and Services Bangalore

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