Dell Laptop Service Center Chennai near Madipakkam

Dell Laptop Service Center Chennai near Madipakkam

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Dell Laptop Service Center Chennai near Madipakkam

Laptop services in velachery Reliable, fast, 100% guaranteed Service

Are you in need of a Dell laptop service? We specialize in all types of technical services including chip level servicing. With more than 10 years of experience in Dell laptop Service and maintenance, laptopservice world have specialized service solutions for all type of Dell laptop models. Low-cost Dell laptop Service solution within very less time is our specialty.

We have a very knowledgeable, professionally trained and friendly technical support team to assist with installation, troubleshooting and resolving all the issues of your Dell laptop. Whenever you are in need of laptop service, just call us and get instant solution.

Call one of our Friendly Technical Expert and get instant suggestions on Dell laptop Problems.

Dell laptop service center Velachery – Dell Notebook Services include:

Laptop Motherboard Service

When your laptop cannot be switched on, auto-offs or overheats, it is often due to the motherboard or the chipset being broken. Our services help by changing the chipset on the motherboard or changing the old motherboard to a new one. We can offer you a wide range of Laptop motherboard services in Chennai. We have a collection of thousands of motherboards for various companies. Therefore, finding the right fit for your laptop motherboard will never be an issue. We provide best, fast, reliable and affordable services. We can help you replace your motherboard and resolve all the issues of the laptop.

Laptop LCD LED Screen service

We can offer you a wide range of screen services. The problem is due to cracks in the screen due to physical damage, we will replace laptop screen for you. You can bring in any laptop of any brand or any make and we can guarantee you a great service. Cracked screen or black screens will never be a problem again. We have a wide consumer base and there are hundreds of clients who simply bring their old laptop to us and leave with a refurbished laptop with improved performance. All the laptop screen replacement is done in accordance to the make of your laptop.

We ensure that the new screen is fully compatible with your system and that you get to view the brightest and the best colors on your screen. Our expert LCD LED screen service technicians will make sure the right LCD LED screen is selected and installed for your notebook model.

If your dell laptop’s Screen is cracked, dark, or is having problems please give a call to us. 044 42139995,9962604525

RAM Service & Upgrades

Adding memory to a system is one of the most useful upgrades you can perform and also one of the least expensive—especially when you consider the increased performance of Windows and Linux when you give them access to more memory. In some cases, doubling the memory can practically double the speed of a computer.

We provide ram upgrade to increase your ram speed to run your laptop fastly. There are a number of things that can cause your computer to slow down. One such reason for a slow computer could be the amount and type of RAM it has installed. As new programs become more complex and require more resources, the RAM in your computer may no longer be sufficient to run these programs smoothly.

We can take a look at your motherboard, and determine what RAM upgrades are available for your computer. We can then install the RAM for you and make sure there aren’t any other issues with your computer. If you have faulty RAM, that is a much more serious problem. Faulty RAM can prevent your computer from even booting up. If you need RAM replaced, we can help with this as well.

Laptop Chiplevel Services:

We provide best and excellent BGA Chips service and replacement service in pune. We are experts in offering quality chip/component level service for all brand motherboards. We’ve been serviceing all things Laptop related Chip level for over decade. Whether you’re looking to service, replace, or upgrade your graphic card, Laptop store would be more than happy to help.

Graphic cards are extremely complex. Especially when you look at the high end ones. They often have their own processor (GPU), and build in RAM. It goes without saying that a lot can go wrong with graphic cards.

Laptop display problems are also caused by a faulty screen or VGA chip on the motherboard, which can affect the display.

80% of the time its a fault with your onboard Graphics Card. These graphics chips are BGA form factor, Ball Grid Array chips cannot be resoldered using convention soldering irons. We have on equipments for BGA rework/Reflow units.
Unlike other service centres we have even perfected BGA reballing.. Common Symptoms are: Multi Colours Multi unknown alphanumeric characters Blank Screen White Screen Flickering Screen Lines on Screen VGA Chip Power Light but no display

We have latest technology equipments and skilled technicians for ( Ball Grid Array) BGA chip level servicing, We are experts in BGA Rework, all brand laptop motherboard service, replacing BGA( Ball Grid Array) CHIPS like ICH, GMCH and PCH. We also replace other ICs like GPU (Graphics processing unit), IO controller, MOSFET, SMD chips etc.

Laptop Keypad Service

Laptop Store provides laptop keyboard service & replacement services for all laptop brands & models, including Apple.Our laptop keyboard service technicians can replace missing or broken keys. We can troubleshoot stuck or non-operational keys to determine if a cleaning can resolve the issue, or if the entire keyboard needs to be replaced.

Laptop keyboard services are very common. Many laptops have keyboards that are not too difficult to replace, but others have the unibody style, and the entire motherboard, or logicboard and all other parts need to be removed to replace the keyboard.of course serviceing or replacing your laptop keyboard depends on why your laptop keyboard is not working to begin with. Perhaps the keys fell off, nothing appears on the screen when a key is pressed or maybe water just spilled all over your keyboard. Newer laptop keyboards may have a spill resistant aspect which prevents the liquid from seeping into your laptop and causing more damage while others do not and a spill can cause more damage than just a ruined keyboard, none the less, replacement is the solution. If the keys fell off it’s more cost effective to replace the entire keyboard while replacing the keyboard flex cable may resolve a non-performance issue. For laptop keyboard service it may be best to leave it to an experienced computer service technician.

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